Outdoor Digital Advertising at the Golf Club

 Outdoor  digital  advertising  at any golf club can very financially rewarding, from creating extra income streams for tiny investment to providing important member information.

 Outdoor  digital signage is a wide term and it covers almost every possibility, including bus shelter marketing, vehicle digital signage, marketing in car parks and now at the golf club.

When installing digital signage on to a golf course there are some obvious problems, the first is the potential damage to the hardware through an incident with a golf ball, then there is protection to the display when the greens are closed to golfers and children call to collect balls (we know they do…). Then there is the weather and if any experienced golfer knows about this, it is a British golfer due to the crazy weather we get, from freak rain showers to heavy ice and gusting wind.

The only solution is to put the  outdoor  digital signage into a specially made case called an LCD enclosure, these units provide the level of protection they need, some systems come already with thermostatic cooling and heater system with the choice for air conditioning, creating a micro climate for the signage hardware.

Normally manufactured from steel, this solid steel LCD enclosure offers year round protection, making maintenance a breeze and playing guardian to the hardware when the club house is closed.

The main benefit of using a commercial TV and a wired media player is that the media can be uploaded remotely, ideal if you own a couple of golf clubs in a certain country, the content can be updated without anyone having to visit site or even mailing the replacement content for someone at the location being responsible for the update, this way you know it has been completed and if you need to update fresh content it will take you just seconds.

This solution can also display RSS feeds that include news and the weather, so know when a rain shower is expected and you are aware of breaking news as and when it happens.

Party Tent Rentals and Marquee Hire: Outdoor Advertising and Gatherings

Planning an outdoor party or promotional event can feel risky. You will be able to choose your caterer, the types and colors of your decoration, know exactly who is invited to you event, and set everything up when you need to. However, you will have no control over the weather, though you can make an educated guess. Still, weather can quickly turn into a big, disastrous, factor at your outdoor event. One way to get around this unchangeable fact is to use a party tent rental.

Incase of Rain

Whether you are planning a wedding reception, holiday party, or a special outdoor promotional marketing time, rain can quickly wash away a festive mood and your guests. Rain usually results in unhappy, cold guests, and without protection from the elements potential customers are very unlikely to venture out of their homes or cars to come see what product or service you are offering. Rain can also bring in thunder and lighting storms which can be more than just miserable, they can be dangerous. Hiring a marquee company and renting their party tent or sale tent can help protect all the planning and hard work you have put into your day and ensure that your guests stay dry and enjoy themselves. It might also be a good idea to have access to portable space heaters in your party tent rental as rain often brings cooler temperatures.

Incase of Sun

This is a common issue during the summer months especially. This is also the time when most people host outdoor parties and many businesses take the opportunity to have outdoor advertising and promotional marketing. Standing outside in the direct sun quickly becomes uncomfortable as people become hot and sweaty. And, of course, in extreme conditions, this can be very dangerous for the physically frail, such as the elderly and small children. Party tent rentals and a marquee hire act as a big, anchored, umbrella as they provide protection from the sun by giving shade. An possible additional item to your party tent rental and marquee hire could be misters. These will quickly cool guests off without ruining clothes or whatever promotional marketing products you have out on display. 

Incase of Wind

A strong wind by itself can quickly become unpleasant and annoying at best, or destructive and chaotic at worst. And if it is combined with other elements (such as a rainstorm), it can make even a party tent rental quickly become superfluous as it can push its way up and under a canopy tent rental or marquee. To help combat this, you might want to consider adding siding to your party tent rental. Adding siding will offer even more protection to your guests and to whatever products you are displaying at an outdoor advertising and promotional marketing event. Since this can feel a bit claustrophobic to some and take away the purpose of being outdoors to others, it is usually best to simply have access to siding and have people available with the knowledge of how to set it up should the weather not be cooperating when your even starts.

Digital Billboards: The Issue With The Future Of Outdoor Advertising

The outdoor advertising industry is ever-evolving. Digital billboards are seen as the latest boon to the industry, with the stakeholders hailing them as the future of outdoor advertising. The amount spent on different forms of outdoor advertising is increasing steadily year after year, and digital billboards are contributing to the GDP of economies around the world.

Their esthetic appeal is easily recognizable, but there are still some concerns regarding the safety of digital billboards. The most often cited issues are the one of drivers being distracted by their huge flashing displays. The staggering amount of light that they are emitting contributes to the light pollution in the cities, making them the favorite new enemy of sky watchers and homeowners. They represent a sore in the urban landscape, some argue.

On the flip side, they can provide a valuable public service when needed. The news of Boston bombings was conveyed by digital billboards turned into public message boards. For a part of public in Boston, that’s how they have found out about the horrific events taking place in their city.

One thing is for certain: digital billboards are truly eye-catching. You can’t turn them off, you can’t throw them away. That is what makes them a successful advertising medium.

Indeed, their exceptional brightness and advertising messages flashing and changing in quick succession must have a less bright side as well. Some cities have proposed a moratorium on digital billboards, while the other took an additional step forward, making them go dark until the safety concerns are addressed. Other cities, strapped for cash, embraced them wholeheartedly.

Digital billboards are also known as electronic billboards, electronic signs, or changeable variable message centers. Call them as you will, this industry is never sitting idly: there is now the possibility for advertisers to stream their social media content on electronic billboards. The advertising message can be changed weekly, daily, hourly or in real-time.

The cost of advertising using this sort of display medium is falling constantly, which means that they are probably going to proliferate even more in the near future. It is very likely that the majority of different static signs and billboards is going to be replaced with their dynamic counterparts.

The question of paying taxes on digital billboards using publicly funded highways has not yet been answered neither. Since this is a rather new industry, the regulations are changing as frequently as the advertising messages on the billboards!

Cost Efficient Outdoor Advertisement

Return to your advertisement investment.  Outdoor  advertisement is one of the channel that can bring sure return to your advertisement investment. Here we will discuss about the Exhibition Display System and Flag Poles, which can be place inside or outside the premises and can be use at the Exhibition or places where potential clients walk through.

Exhibition guaranteed to attract customers. The display systems are a breakthrough in convenience In the modern era it is difficult to find an advertising channel that can bring maximum Display System.

Exhibition Display Systems, including Panel Displays and Display Boards are high and the natural exotic finish presents a colorful, appealing and convenient outlook that is class and flexibility. There are several such panels, one of them being a lightweight, stackable panel that is easy to set up and is constructed from strong extruded aluminum frames and durable KT panels. The frames have 360-degree hinges that allow for straight, curved, corner or zigzag designs. Our products are easy to fit together, even by an individual, and can be transported conveniently by folding the frames into the provided transport bag. This type of exhibition panel has 8 slide-on aluminum frames and it is even possible to shape it into a tabletop or use the entire panel as frames. The product comes with two halogen lights, which enhance the imagery for that perfect illumination effect. Our qualified professional designers who take your idea also do graphic designs for the frames, from beginning to end, and transform it into a superb work of art that will leave you astonished. Modern, State of the art technology facilitates the capacity to produce a high quality finish in less time with a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Flag Poles:

Flagpoles are an attractive and certainly noticeable way of advertising. They could be elegantly placed in route to an exhibition or any special occasion and even act as a standalone publicity poster all by itself. The flagpole is all weather, night and day withstanding product. The flag arm is attached to the top of the telescoping flagpole and extends horizontally along the top of the advertising flag. The event flag system comes with an aluminum telescopic flagpole that collapses down to 1.61m long poles for transportation and storage.

The flag arm and flag are free to rotate with the wind. This ability to rotate 360 degree provides attention-grabbing motion and allows the event flag system to withstand even greater winds. Anti-corrosive and glossy silver color coat presents a classy, eye catching, professional look. A long 5-meter height enables clear viewing even from a long distance. The pedestal can be filled with either sand or water for a firmer grip and it even splits down into 4 parts for easy carriage. Our qualified professional designers who take your idea also do graphic designs for the frames, from beginning to end, and transform it into a superb work of art that will leave you astonished. Modern, State of the art technology facilitates the capacity to produce a high quality finish in less time with a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Digital Advertisers – Take Advantage of Outdoors

Digital out of home (Dooh) is one of the most effective advertising mediums in the digital age with its effectiveness surpassing that of the internet, mobile advertising and other modern ad promotions.

Digital signage is still expanding with more and more screens being erected all the time in shopping malls, airports, gas stations, convenience stores and other indoor locations. And digital screens are now seeping into   outdoor  environments too as advertisers realise the many benefits of  outdoor  digital signage.

Rewards of  Outdoor 

 Outdoor  digital signage’s biggest advantage is the amount of views they can receive in comparison to indoor systems.  Outdoor  audiences are much larger than those of indoors. Not only are there more people outside but an  outdoor  sign can be viewed by not just passers-by but also those travelling around in vehicles and public transport.

Also,  outdoor  locations have less digital competition (at the moment) with fewer digital signs enabling digital  outdoor  signs to be more noticeable.

Digital  outdoor  signage is also very effective at night becoming even more noticeable as the back-lit displays become very visible providing a 24-hour  advertising  solution.

Challenges of  Outdoor 

The weather is one of the biggest challenges of digital  outdoor  signage as an  outdoor  screens needs to be waterproof and resistant to temperature variations – avoiding overheating and increase in freezing;  outdoor  displays need also to be rugged and robust to defend against vandalism and accidental impacts.

LCD enclosures are commonly used outdoors as they protect standard screens (even consumer grade) against the weather and vandalism. However, bright sunlight can cause a screen to be difficult to read so it is recommended that a high brightness device is used in areas of bright sunshine.

Despite the challenges, digital  outdoor  signage is becoming increasingly common and now makes up a large percentage of the total  outdoor   advertising  market and is continuing to grow.

Use Of Billboards For Advertising Outdoors

Advertising outdoor could be a great challenge for the first-timers. It is deemed otherwise by those knowledgeable of its effective manipulation for their advantage. Signage under this category vary in color, design, shape and size. When you look around, you will some as small as pocket books posted outside store doors. On the other hand, some are huge enough to cover an entire building.

In this article, we will learn how to take your advertising big time with the use of billboards. Yes, billboards are still one of the wisest investments to take despite the presence of countless digital signage these days. Before we go to the many details about it, let us first recount its benefits. Firstly, they are great attention-grabbers. Their size is an obvious proof of that. They are steady promotional tools which do not require the audience to do anything. Nonetheless, the likes of this outdoor signage have to be creatively designed and strategically set-up for the easy viewing of as many people as possible.

Secondly, they are cost effective. Their creation could mean a huge one-time payment. That sounds expensive but it actually promotes big savings in the long run. Why? Billboards are expected to stay out there whole year-round or even longer if they are manufactured with excellent quality. Hence, you do not have to worry about reprinting and redistribution like what happens with smaller printed materials – brochures, flyers, posters and stickers among others.

There are different types of billboard available for all business promotion needs. If you are not keen to observe, all billboards may look the same to you. But when it comes to advertising outdoor, variety is a must and so billboards are produced in more ways than one. To begin with, the budget of the client defines the size and design of these monster adverts. Big companies with a standard image to keep, always go for expensive and big sizes.

Billboard types are named after the method they are set-up on streets, roads and highways. Monopoles are those held by single poles made of steel. Its make is costly but very sturdy and reliable to last for years. Steel multi-pole is the economical option in replacement of monopoles. They are usually unable to give the best deals on the event of resale. Wooden multi-poles are the cheapest of the three. They resemble typical utility poles used by telephone or cable companies. Besides being cheap they are easily knocked out by strong winds. In addition to the poles, other specifics which need utmost consideration are the ink, canvas and the overall design.

When choosing a service provider, select one that can deliver your promotional objectives with accuracy. As we all know, advertising outdoor could be very expensive when not done right. Check the company’s skill in print management by browsing through the feedback of their current and past customers. Clearly communicate your budget limitations and ask for the best output you can have with it without sacrificing quality and safety.

Digital Advertising Screens – Going Outdoors

Digital advertising is a cheap and effective method of out of home advertising made possible due to the flat screen television revolution. Modern LCD (liquid crystal display) and plasma screens are so much thinner than the CRT (cathode ray tube) televisions of old that they are often placed on walls or on mountings to display advertising information.

Digital signage is very effective for advertisers too, with many benefits over traditional static posters and advertisements. Firstly, on a single advertising screen multiple adverts can be played with each commercial being changed at regular (often eight seconds) intervals.

Secondly, with digital advertising content can be uploaded remotely rather than have to rely on technicians to manually post up adverts and replace older content, which has costs savings in both manpower and fuel use.

Finally, digital advertising is flexible. Not only can content be uploaded remotely but also it can be scheduled for specific times. For instance, food advertisements from fast food restaurants and snack bars can be played at lunchtimes, while local bars can advertise in the evening, providing more targeting for advertisers.

Most digital advertising, however, takes place indoors in locations such as shopping malls, retail stores, rain stations and airports, but these areas are limited with the potential audience they can reach. Retail stress for instance can only advertise to people already on their premises but by taking a screen outside you can lure people into the store and take advantage of a much larger audience.

Outdoor digital signage and digital outdoor advertising has greater viewership potential than indoor screens as the audience numbers are greater. Not only can advertisers using outdoor digital advertising target the pedestrians around a shopping location but also those people who are passing in cars or on public transport.

Outdoor digital advertising uses similar technology, often the same types of screens that are used indoors but they are protected using a form of outdoor digital signage enclosure (LCD enclosure). These outdoor TV enclosures keep the screens protected from the weather and enable them to operate in all weathers providing a cost effective and simple solution to providing outdoor digital advertising.

The Benefits of Advertising Outdoors

There are many ways to market one’s product or service. One of the most powerful forms of advertising is advertising outdoors. In the UK, this is a booming market and because of this, outdoor advertising space can be hard to come by at times. However, once the space has been secured, any business will begin to see the benefits of this form of advertising.

Captive Market

With all of the cars on the road, the people who are driving those cars have no choice but to look out their windscreen at their surrounds. Part of those surroundings are the marketing campaigns utilising advertising outdoors. With the popularity of holiday ventures to rural areas as well as camper trailers, not to mention urban driving becoming more and more common, there are avenues for any marketing campaign that will get seen by thousands or hundreds of thousands of people a day. The advertisements outdoors make big statements and cannot be ignored, unlike other advertising mediums, such as a reader skipping advertising pages in a magazine.

Repetitive Exposure

On top of guaranteed views of an advertising campaign, there is a high level of repetitive exposure to the same advertisements. The typical commuter drives the same route five days a week so that means that any given outdoor advertisement will be viewed by that driver repeatedly during the week. Repetition in advertising is difficult to obtain in most mediums but while advertising outdoors, it is one of the most cited reasons for choosing this medium for advertising.

Gets to the Customer at the Right Time

With any marketing campaign, timing is everything. A bold advertisement is lost if there is a large amount of time, from the advertising impression, to the decision to make a purchase. Outdoor advertising minimises that time, sometimes dramatically. Advertising a product utilising an outdoor ad in front of the store where that product is sold is the most striking example of this. However, even having a product featured on the expressway will still leave an favourable advertising impression when a person stops at their local market before heading home after a long day at work.

Outdoor Advertising is Cost Effective

When looking at the cost per viewer, no other advertising medium is so cost effective. While an advertisement in a magazine may be a bit more targeted toward an audience, the cost per impression is dramatically higher than a high-quality and dynamic advertisement placed outside. Getting repeat exposure for the same product requires even more outlay of capital from a company’s marketing budget, yet with outdoor advertising campaigns, the same commuter will see the advertisement for weeks before beginning to truly ignore it.

The initial cost for an outdoor advertising campaign is fairly low as well, depending on the location and size of the advertisement. As with other marketing outlets, size and the variety of colours affects cost. However, compared to most other marketing mediums, the initial cost is most often lower and the monthly cost after the first month is more of a rental agreement and maintenance fee agreement, rather than a reoccurring fixed cost.